The debate whether social is effective for marketing is one with social/digital winning over print, TV  and other traditional marketing methods as it not only gives better effectiveness and reach at a lower cost but also allows to measure its effectiveness and innovation.

Why most companies struggle to get true ROI in social and end up spending without a true measure?

Why Avertisements is s till the favorite while most studies would advice to go organie?

The answer is each of strategy and dedicated team-internal or consulting.

Social Marketing, if not always, is not a Science but an art. While a lot of mathematical possibility would confuse this to be science, the real art is about the customer segmentation, choice of channels, messaging, creativity in the content, creation and defining Customer digital journey with the same level of innovation what we do with the sales team on the ground. Nobody likes the advertisement whether its TV, cinemas, newspaper or social! Yet the marketers do as its easy requires less effort and the face of it, looks most impressive.

-Segment the Customers and define the offering and message clearly for each segment.

-Create content Innovatively- People  love content whether its knowledge, trend, news or whatever.

-Choose to present content innovatively

Choose the relevant channel

-Mark the content with some context, services’

-Keep your website informative and rich. Do SEO on the regular basis. This is your best and cheapest way to get listed and reach customers.

Clearly define Call to Action. What does Customer do if he likes your content. Keep the CTA clear example Like on Facebook, Book Now. Customer hooked onto our Facebook/Youtube/page sign up. Keep a short form or call a number. Keep the backened ready before you suggest CTA to a customer.

-Define a Customer Journey. Difficult but most important, You must define end to end Journey for the customer will he is qualified as a lead for further engagement or buys your product/services online.


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