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Incentives, rewards and recognitions for sales teams using Salesforce

Sales compensation model creation can be a complex process, from ideation to implementation, to management. To help ease the processes or incentives, rewards and recognitions management, Zoxima brings you easy to implement and configurable system built on Salesforce.

We at Zoxima solutions have built a complete solution for defining, calculating and payment of Incentives, rewards &recognitions management solutions. The solution works on the KPI’s defined on both quantitative & qualitative parameters and brings transparency & motivation for the sales teams & channel partners.

Key features of our rewards management system:

• KPIs management & monitoring for sales teams, channel partners
• Rewards configurations for Sales teams, channel partners
• Incentives calculations
• Defining and calculating thresholds, accelerators and payment of compensation (with integration of accounting systems)
• Business rules configurations for incentives, rewards & recognitions
• Gamification for incentives, rewards & recognitions

As a proud Salesforce platinum consulting partner, we have deployed Rewards & Incentives management systems for many of our esteemed customers. The system also works in tandem with our own (or third-party) sales & distribution automation solutions like DMS, SFA, B2B commerce, retailer & partner ordering apps.

We serve multiple industries including manufacturing, building materials, FMCG, media and entertainment, digital companies, consumer durables, automotive, Edtech, paper, electrical & electronic.

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Partner & Channel Loyalty Management in Salesforce

Channel & business partner loyalty has always been a mantra for business growth and with a lot of purchasing going online and adoption of technology solutions by channel & business partners, effective design & management of loyalty programs based on data has gained far more significance.

While there are connected systems for managing channel partner ordering, payments, shipments and driving business through influencers, getting all data in Salesforce and running loyalty programs has been a huge area of focus for us at Zoxima.

We at Zoxima solutions have built complete loyalty management on Salesforce Platform, which can help configure & deploy various loyalty management programs for channel partners & influencers.

Key features of our loyalty management systems being:

•  Loyalty configurations for Primary, secondary parties and Influencers
•  Gamification for adoption, user experience and benchmarking
•  QR Code based scanning through Mobile App
•  Issue of coupons, claims, monitoring status & alerts
•  Seamless redemption of loyalty points through associates & collaborations
•  Rewards, recognitions and benchmarking
•  Enhanced engagements and motivation

Visit for More info:    www.zoxima.com

Implementing Schemes and Rebates Management in Salesforce

What if you could extend your current Salesforce CRM quickly to configure schemes and rebates?

We at Zoxima solutions have got complete schemes, offers and rebate management engine developed within Salesforce lightning platform, which can help deploy various schemes, offers and rebates applicable for channels and end customers.

Following schemes can be deployed

Period based schemes
Growth based schemes
Target Based schemes

The schemes definitions can be easily configured inside the scheme engine and schemes auto-apply based on rules on the invoices and orders, which in turn is also tightly linked to ERP.

The calculations of the scheme payouts, claims, scheme effectiveness monitoring is directly available in the system and can help any organization already using Salesforce application or planning to deploy one, to effectively launch, calculate and payout the benefits directly.

The schemes are also auto exposed to sales teams and dealers on their respective interfaces (if already available) or can be pushed on various communication channels to channel partners and customers.


  • Configure schemes & rebates seamlessly in your current Salesforce
  • Manually assign/auto-assign Schemes & rebates as per channel partner performance
    or any other business rules
  • Clear visibility of schemes and rebates to channel partners, sales teams

Visit for More info: www.zoxima.com

Extending Salesforce to new horizons – distribution systems – DMS , SFA , Loyalty

What if you could extend your current Salesforce CRM quickly to connect with channel partners, extended sales teams, business influencers and manage your business relationships across the distribution channel?

Zoxima Solutions brings you technology solutions powered by Salesforce to extend your current system capabilities that empowers your dealer network using state of the art Dealer management system, Secondary sales automation and loyalty applications.

We have built very rich functionality for the following industry verticals like Manufacturing, Building Materials, FMCG, Media and Entertainment, Digital companies, Consumer Durables, Automotive, Edtech, Paper, Electrical & Electronics..


  • Connected system across SFA, DMS, Loyalty, Sales
  • Schemes, rebate and loyalty management system for channels and influencers
  • Actionable analytics,
  • Smart apps for extended sales teams, channel partners, B2B and B2C commerce
  • Service management including ASCs and field service

Visit for More info:    www.zoxima.com

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