Improve sales productivity

It enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. With easy to use, fast to implement tools to manage your operations.

Centralized customer information

In order to help sellers effectively by selling more, winning faster and driving results this product is a world class solution for sales productivity.

Increase marketing effectivenes

CRM will also give you an idea about the most profitable customer groups, and by using this information you will be able to target similar prospective groups, at the right time.

Leverage business intelligence

Sales, marketing, and customer service teams can share valuable information about clients to continue to funnel them down the pipeline to get the desired result of closing a sale, knowledge of new products, or excellent customer service.

Drive more qualified leads

With the help of CRM , you can ensure that the product promotions reach a different and brand new set of customers, and not the ones who had already purchased your product, and thus effectively increase your customer revenue.

Sales & Marketing ROI

With CRM, allows up-selling which is the practice of giving customers premium products that fall in the same category of their purchase. The strategy also facilitates cross selling whic his the practice of offering complementary products to customers, on the basis of their previous purchases

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Key Differentiators

Our Service Highlights

Business Consulting Services

  • Business Process Innovation
  • Software to Solution Mapping
  • Project Management Services
  • Application Integration
  • Product and Process Training

Customization & Development Services

  • Application development and customization for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM
  • Application re-engineering basis the industry requirement
  • Application verification and validation services
  • Application integration and migration
  • Form customization

Support & Maintenance Services

  • Application change request management
  • Application upgrades
  • Service packs and patch management
  • Application health check

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