All thatDeliver Sales

Getting Better Mindshare Of Dealers/Retailers

Manage leads efficiently and Track your sales through the funnel to the end user.

Knowing The Channel

Profiling the person and Manage the sales trends. Get the sales potential & actuals

Direct Benefits & Schemes

Run Loyalty Programs and Manage schemes and offers and pass on the benefit.

Listening & Engaging

Platform for them to talk to the Company and ask them to Rate- Products/Schemes/Services

Develop & Maintain Distribution Network

Innovative technology solutions with good business tactics yields the favorable results.”

Distribution ChannelManagement

In industries such as FMCG, Building Material, White Goods, Hi-Tech Equipment etc. which are largely unorganized and typically channel driven; the modern retail format is scarcely adopted. Customer reach, therefore, becomes solely dependent on readiness of dealers – usually not exclusive to a particular brand – to recommend their products to the end customer.

Customer Service
Customer Insights
Reduce Manual Processes

CRM can streamline your operations

We handle different processes, which often results in duplicate work, backorders, missed orders and poor customer service. By integrating Microsoft CRM with existing solution, everything you need is connected – from order to fulfillment and beyond. With increased efficiency and real-time visibility into available inventory, you can shorten order processing time and increase fill rates.

Increased insight into your sales pipeline.
Accurate view of forecasted business
Increased customer loyalty
Higher revenues for business

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