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Gamification In Salesforce Applications

Motivate your teams, make work fun and improve team performance using gamification in Salesforce applications.

Gamification is very innovatively used by progressive organizations in creating benchmarks, involving stakeholders innovatively and creating fully charged & tightly aligned teams.

The gamification in the sales and distribution space cuts across organizational sales teams, channel partners and extended field teams on partners. We at Zoxima bring immense expertise
in not only technologically enabling gamification in various applications but our business consultants also contribute in structuring effective gamification infrastructure.

Using the Salesforce platform in creating gamification using point-scoring systems, contests, competition, alerts & visual representations can deliver a far-reaching impact on the involvement
& motivation of the team. The center of each of these is the fun and collaboration in which the teams are engaged and supporting overall organizational growth plans and KPI’s.

Benefits of gamification:
 Improve teams performance by organizing contests/competitions amongst teams
 Use of Leaderboards to show how reps stack up against their peers
 Promote fun and collaboration culture amongst teams
 Choose activities that exist in the sales cycle that push opportunities closer to closed/won
 Motivate certain activities and behaviours
 Increase in Salesforce adoption
 Organizational growth and KPIs

As a proud Salesforce platinum consulting partner, we bring to you a great experience to implement gamification in Salesforce applications for businesses across different industry verticals. This works in tandem with our own (or third-party) sales & distribution automation solutions like DMS, SFA, B2B
commerce, retailer & partner ordering apps.

We serve multiple industries including manufacturing, building materials, FMCG, media and entertainment, digital companies, consumer durables, automotive, Edtech, paper, electrical &
electronic. Do let us know if you would like to know more about our unique strengths and we will very happy to stay connected with you.

To know more visit:  www.zoxima.com

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