Identify patient intent with activity tracking

Identify patient intent by tracking the pages they visit on the website, the forms they fill, and their conversations – phone, email or chat between them and your hospital staff.

Automate staff notifications

While monitoring patient behavior, notify your staff to take an action when an important activity occurs, like if they request a call back, or try to schedule an appointment

Automate operational tasks

Use pre-defined rules and triggers to automate other important actions for your hospital staff and managers, like appointment scheduling, cancelling, rescheduling etc.

Automate patient communication

Send relevant messages to patients based on recommended treatment by the doctor. You can send educational content – like tips to manage diabetes, healthy weight-loss tips etc. according patient’s condition, disease, age and other criteria.

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Automate appointment confirmation

As soon as the appointment is confirmed, automatically notify the doctor, along with the timings, patient records & details. Send confirmation to patient as well.

Automate post-appointment tasks

When a new patient is registered, and an appointment is scheduled, create a task for Unit Manager to follow-up and confirm the appointment with the patient.

Automate patient status management

Move patient to a different stages based on the preceding activities. For instance: When a new patient books an appointment, the stage gets changed to “New Patient.”

Patient Interactions Captured

Whether the patient calls the front desk, receives an email from you about their next routine check-up, fills up a form on your website, or communicates through any other channel, all the conversations are tracked.

What Zoxima Offers To Health Care Services

Zoxima Health Transformation

Zoxima CRM solution for Healthcare – is designed to help large healthcare organizations build a Patient-Centric Model by enabling them enhance Patient Experience with simplified rendition of medical care, automated communications, greater information transparency & better after-care relationships. This helps build positive Patient sentiments & sustained trust – leading to higher retention, word-of-mouth referrals and overall healthy Patient Relationships.

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Availability of domain experts for healthcare and experience of working with the leading healthcare providers in India.

Healthcare For Value Based Care

For many healthcare organizations, the decision to employ a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is typically driven by the marketing department. Marketers need data-driven tools that enable them to better segment and identify high-value consumers, leverage demographics and behavioral data to personalize messages, and measure the ROI for marketing programs.

Today, the potential value of healthcare CRM extends far beyond marketing, supporting myriad use cases in both clinical and operational domains. While traditional marketing CRMs are used to capture strictly marketing data, the next-generation of healthcare CRM can draw from health data sources of almost any variety, including patient medical histories (or EMRs), administrative and financial data, digital behaviors, consumer wearables, health surveys, call centers, demographics and psychographics.

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