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Incentives, rewards and recognitions for sales teams using Salesforce

Sales compensation model creation can be a complex process, from ideation to implementation, to management. To help ease the processes or incentives, rewards and recognitions management, Zoxima brings you easy to implement and configurable system built on Salesforce.

We at Zoxima solutions have built a complete solution for defining, calculating and payment of Incentives, rewards &recognitions management solutions. The solution works on the KPI’s defined on both quantitative & qualitative parameters and brings transparency & motivation for the sales teams & channel partners.

Key features of our rewards management system:

• KPIs management & monitoring for sales teams, channel partners
• Rewards configurations for Sales teams, channel partners
• Incentives calculations
• Defining and calculating thresholds, accelerators and payment of compensation (with integration of accounting systems)
• Business rules configurations for incentives, rewards & recognitions
• Gamification for incentives, rewards & recognitions

As a proud Salesforce platinum consulting partner, we have deployed Rewards & Incentives management systems for many of our esteemed customers. The system also works in tandem with our own (or third-party) sales & distribution automation solutions like DMS, SFA, B2B commerce, retailer & partner ordering apps.

We serve multiple industries including manufacturing, building materials, FMCG, media and entertainment, digital companies, consumer durables, automotive, Edtech, paper, electrical & electronic.

To know more visit:   www.zoxima.com

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