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Enabling better customer acquisitions , enhanced renewals and productivity

Why Digital transformation

Universities, colleges and Edtech Sectors are evolving all the time in managing students/ learners right from the identification of a need to imparting knowledge, evaluation, certifications and alumni.

Digital technologies are changing the way prospective students are identified, communicated, engaged, enrolled, managed during the learning lifecycle in various models - on-campus, off-campus, online programs, courses, training, coaching etc.

What Zoxima offers

We at Zoxima offer Robust, Innovative Digital Solutions covering each segment of the Education Industry.

Innovation in offering the right kind of courses using tools like AI, contact centres, knowledge-driven counselling, campaigns, social channels etc, coupled with systems & processes for on-campus student lifecycle management, online content delivery platforms, evaluation, upselling/ advanced courses/training/ programs etc., help in managing ever-changing learners expectations/ preferences and drive innovations in making the programs more effective for the learners.

Revolutionize your business

Agent and counselor productivity
Customer experience and maximize renewals
Lead conversions
KPIs visibility across value chain
Standardization of processes
Knowledge management
Optimize sales , marketing , operations & support


Solutions for a Digitally Connected Ecosystem

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Key benefits


Agent and counselor productivity


Customer experience and maximize renewals


Lead conversions


KPIs visibility across value chain


Standardization of processes


Knowledge management


Optimize sales , marketing , operations & support


Lead Management
  • Capture Lead Information
  • Pre defined stages for lead qualification
  • Pre defined rules for lead rating and prioritization
  • Alerts & Notification for lead follow-ups
Lead 360
  • 360 degree view of all lead activities
  • Leverage Omni Channel
  • Zero Lead leakages
Operations Effectiveness
  • Activation of the subscription
  • Capture of KYC documents
  • Confirmation of payments and financing
Pipeline Management
  • All active leads will be maintained in the pipeline
  • Stages will be configured in the opportunity
Billing & Collections
  • For collections, system will be configured
  • Information on billing, invoices, payments will be available
Case Management
  • Predefined workflow for issue handling & case resolution
  • SLAs and entitlements will be configured
KPIs & Dashboard
  • Target vs Achievement
  • Region/Product wise performance
  • Sales, operations and support team performance dashboard
  • Number of new leads added
  • Course Subscription trends
  • Upsell/Cross Sell targets
  • Lead conversion ratios
  • Referral leads conversion ratio
Course/Subscriptions and Prices
  • Various courses offered will be configured
  • Price books can be maintained
  • Offer can be generated through the system
  • Special prices during offers will be visible
Digital Engagement
  • Embedded chat window on the website
  • WhatsApp for Business account can be set up
  • Chat transcript will be captured in the interaction history of the lead
  • Einstein Bot & Lead Scoring
Customer Representative Management
  • Every customer will be assigned to a Customer representative
  • Customers for which renewals are due will be segregated
  • KPIs on renewals, cross sell / up sell opportunities closed
  • Referral leads will be captured by the CRE
ERP Integration
  • Easy integration with existing ERP for needs
Portal/App for Sales Representative
  • Monitor lead activities
  • All Follow ups and reminders for follow ups can be configured
  • Leads will be segregated on which meetings are required
  • Daily targets& KPI visibility
  • Visits planning & execution
  • Real time access to courses, pricing & scholarships
Sales Closure
  • Lead closure can be tagged in the system
  • Document collection Checklist and Payment Collection
  • The lead moves out of the funnel once closed
  • The sales operations process triggers once closure formalities are completed
Enquiry Management
  • Customer will be notified on email & SMS for the updates on the issues
Visits Management with Geo tagging for Field Sales Rep
  • Automated & manual Check-in & check-out
  • Auto distance calculator
  • Auto expense generation as per company policy
  • Planned and unplanned visits and education
Single source of truth with ease of use
  • ERP integration
  • Email /SMS/WhatsApp integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • CTI integration
  • Marketing tool integration
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