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Tailor made for IT Services industry needs !!

Faster collaboration and enhanced productivity across sales , project planning ,customer service , HRMS and billing

Why Digital transformation

In this digital revolution era, IT Services firms have to upgrade their processes & capabilities and need to adapt to digital innovations in their business. The need is to continuously innovate and digitally transform the customer-facing applications & processes and stay ahead of the competition in managing customers, managing sales , managing customer issues , managing employee issues and overall planning.

What Zoxima offers

We at Zoxima offer Robust, Innovative Digital Solutions covering each segment of the IT Services Industry.

Accelerating project sales, enable the better customer connect across various stakeholders, SLA driven culture for handling customer issues and better project planning and execution.

Revolutionize your business

Managing project sales and onboarding,
Better SLA management fo customer issues,
Project delivery management,
Better project planning and execution,
Managing employee issues,


Solutions for a digitally connected ecosystem

Project sales276
Project planning277
maagement cockpit_new278
Customer service281
customer portal_new282

Key benefits


Managing project sales and onboarding


Better SLA management fo customer issues


Project delivery management


Better project planning and execution


Managing employee issues


Project sales management
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity Funnel
  • Contracts and negotiation
  • Project onboarding
  • Product and service pricing
  • Price configurator
HRMS Portal
  • Recruitments
  • Employee onboarding
  • ESS , Employee portal
  • Learning management
  • Employee benefits
Customer portal and app
  • Raising tickets
  • Tracking resolutions
  • Pushing new job requests
  • Different roles in customer companies
Customer Service Portal
  • Customer portal
  • Service contracts
  • SLAs management
  • Billing
  • Resource allocation
Project planning and execution
  • Time sheets
  • Agile scrum
  • Project Billing
KPO Portal
  • Long term contracts
  • Monthly billing
  • Compliance to SLAs
  • Resource reporting
  • Contract amendments
Management cockpit & configurations
  • Performance dashboards
  • Schemes configurations
  • Sales trends
  • Marketing plan
  • KPI settings
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