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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Transform your company processes with effective business applications building with little orminimal coding.

Platform for All-Business Cloud

The market’s second-largest cloud provider is Microsoft. Rich PaaS capability and integrable SaaS applications are provided by Microsoft Azure cloud, which is advantageous for:


Accelerating time to market due to Azure’s compoundable services.

Small and mid-sized Companies

With Azure’s PaaS services, you can automate infrastructure construction and migration.

Businesses utilising Microsoft goods internally

Which subsequently gain from lifting and shifting their IT systems to Azure.

Microsoft Azure's Featured Services

Power Apps has three distinct categories are employed in development:

  • Cloud computing
  • Containerization
  • Databases
  • Data storage
  • Networking and security
  • Implementation of web and mobile applications
  • Integrations
  • DevOps tools
  • Data processing and analytics
  • AI and machine learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain

Why Zoxima for Microsoft Azure?

  • Reduced infrastructure expenses and data centre footprint and enhanced scalability and performance of business-critical workloads.
  • Freeing IT employees to focus on higher-priority duties by relieving them of infrastructure management.
  • Time-to-market efficiency, pluggable native services, and effective development environments.
  • Improved online B2C sales volumes and profitability and reduced the disaster recovery efforts.

Get the Most from Microsoft Azure with Zoxima

microsoft partner

Zoxima builds and supports cloud and hybrid infrastructures based on Microsoft Azure, generating profit for its owners.

We are skilled in providing useful IT infrastructures and Azure-based applications because we are a Microsoft Managed Partner.

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