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Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft PowerApps

Transform your company processes with effective business applications building with little orminimal coding.

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Microsoft Power Platform can assist you in resolving these problems. Across a wide range of typical use cases, including service and case management, scheduling and dispatching, opportunity identification and tracking, contact and relationship management, project execution, direct marketing, and more, you can customise, extend, and build all the applications your equire. It genuinely makes it possible for non-technical end users to alter, expand and create all the business apps you require for your company.

Types of Power App:

Power Apps has three distinct categories are employed in development:

Canvas Apps: Users begin with the data source, add work flows and then produce the design, much like starting with a blank canvas. Compared to model-driven apps, this strategy offers more flexibility.

canvas apps

Model-Driven Apps: With model-driven apps, the data connected and information submitted into the app greatly influence the layout; what you feed in typically determines the outcome. If the application you’re building involves intricate business logic, this method is more frequently employed.

Portals: for building secure web portals(websites) that users can access and interact with Data verse data through both internally and externally.

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Why Microsoft Power Apps?

Work more quickly with data distribution and integration

Improve creativity and mobility with no-code capability

Boost productivity with ready-made AI scenarios.

user interaction

With AI Builder, simplify activities and improve prediction.

value from data

Get the Most from Microsoft PowerApps with Zoxima

Zoxima helps in pre-designing a responsive layout to function with different device kinds and are compatible with iOS, Android, and browsers.

Your Power Apps project, whether it’s a straightforward business app or an integrated solution incorporating the Office 365 suite or other Microsoft products, can be estimated by the team at Zoxima.

Why Zoxima for Microsoft PowerApps?

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Zoxima, a Managed Microsoft Partner, uses Power Apps’ low-code development capabilities to create effective online portals and high-caliber web and mobile business apps for clients across more than 30 different industries.