We are Group of Techies and Marketers wrapped in Creativity

To enable our clients to continuously innovate in their customer engagement by adopting to latest technology products & solutions.

Our vision is to become a trusted name across the globe and across multiple industries enabling our clients and partners to maximize their business success through our people, our disciplined approach and our technical experience and knowledge.

Providing the best required professional services by leveraging  proven methodologies and industry best practices.

Zoxima offers clients and partners to maximize their business success through their people, a disciplined approach, technical experience and knowledge. Zoxima team comprises of 100+ dynamic and qualified professionals who have a vast experience in Information Technology, experience with leading Technology Platforms and vast industry experience global scale.

By leveraging the most advanced technology infrastructure and cloud solutions, we focus on delivering services that can create unique value for our client.

Our Skills

Strategic Consulting


Product Implementation


Business Intelligence


Service Highlights


With the specialized expertise and technical consultants we offer “Industry Best Practices” advice to the organizations.


The organizations become more productive by following the process oriented approach.


We develop business applications on various platforms of Android, IOS and Windows.


We believe cloud brings real value to customers who can benefit from IT.


With BI, ports at the click of a button thus freeing up time and resources allowing employees to be more productive on their own tasks.


Delivering a good digital business experience to customers and employees requires the use of-of new innovative business application.

Our Management Team

Zoxima is Technology Advanced

Our expertise oriented team is geared towards finding the pioneering mechanisms how can the strength of the   organization be utilized to its optimum for achieving success. We believe in introducing effective transformations in the basic business processes in order to achieve excellence in the product design, innovation.

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We can transform the fundamental shape of your business

Zoxima creates business solutions that are simple, easy to use, but innovative and this making it an unmatched value proposition.

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