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Partner & Channel Loyalty Management in Salesforce

Channel & business partner loyalty has always been a mantra for business growth and with a lot of purchasing going online and adoption of technology solutions by channel & business partners, effective design & management of loyalty programs based on data has gained far more significance.

While there are connected systems for managing channel partner ordering, payments, shipments and driving business through influencers, getting all data in Salesforce and running loyalty programs has been a huge area of focus for us at Zoxima.

We at Zoxima solutions have built complete loyalty management on Salesforce Platform, which can help configure & deploy various loyalty management programs for channel partners & influencers.

Key features of our loyalty management systems being:

•  Loyalty configurations for Primary, secondary parties and Influencers
•  Gamification for adoption, user experience and benchmarking
•  QR Code based scanning through Mobile App
•  Issue of coupons, claims, monitoring status & alerts
•  Seamless redemption of loyalty points through associates & collaborations
•  Rewards, recognitions and benchmarking
•  Enhanced engagements and motivation

Visit for More info:    www.zoxima.com

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