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Dealer management System

Industry Leading Dealer Management System

Equip your dealer network with a suite of powerful features like schemes announcement , automate order booking , stock management , invoicing ,get real time insights and much more using our industry leading Dealer Management system powered by Microsoft / Salsforce.

Raise dealers effectiveness , productivity ,drive unparalleled customer experience and satisfaction with :

  • Self-Service Portal
  • Primary & Secondary Order Capturing
  • Primary Shipment Tracking
  • Products & Pricing
  • Schemes & Offers
  • Performance Reports

Key benefits


Faster collaboration with dealers


Seamless order booking


Schemes/Pricing/Offers visibility


Easy integration with existing system


Offline apps


Quick deployment


End to end dealer management system


Primary and secondary orders
  • Ordering & tracking of primary & secondary orders
  • Automated & prefilled order forms for faster processing
  • Whatsapp/SMS integrations for approvals & alerts
Sales performance dashboards ( monthly/quarterly/yearly)
  • Target vs Achievement
  • Region/Product wise performance
  • Dealer performance dashboard
  • Dealer/Retailer order trends
Retailer order fulfillment
  • Retailer order capture & processing
  • Workflows to automate retailer on-boarding
  • Simplified retailer order booking
Dealer dashboard
  • Target vs Achievement
  • Dealer/Retailer order trends
  • Financial statements
  • Credit analytics
  • Return analytics
  • Service quality analytics
Dealer order to invoice management
  • Dealer order to invoice management
Pricing/Offers/Schemes visibility
  • User configurable schemes for dealers & retailers
  • Configurable pricing mechanism (product / region/ dealer etc
  • Parameterized & auto applicable schemes (value/volume/ others)
  • Automated loyalty programs for dealers & retailers
Orders and fulfillment
  • Orders and fulfillment
  • Primary orders
  • Shipment tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Ledger
  • Loyalty
Stock management
  • Real time inventory visibility
  • Dealers stock capture and update
  • Retailers inventory monitoring
Dealership Details
  • Self service portal
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