Explore The New Era Of Structural Digital Journey With ZOXIMA

Designed for Real Estate firms of all sizes, Zoxima CRM offers the Complete 360 Customer Journey, Pre & Post sales Process management, Property management, and Automation needed for smooth workflow of sales agents and brokers to win more deals.




Our cloud-based CRM make easy to receive and respond to messages, concern, queries or other customer issues from anywhere and with any device, so valuable customer will have the benefit of instantaneous feedback. There are also many of time when you are unable to respond to customer immediately. Don’t worry our CRM handle that for you by allowing you to record Personalized automated response.  Addresses concerns and provides valuable information is always more well-received than a simple “leave a message after the beep.”


It’s important to generate leads in Real Estate from various sources. It also becomes difficult to maintain such a large number of database for each of these sources. Zoxima CRM gives you a single, unified system on which to manage all of your contact information, as well as any other information that goes along with it. This data can then be accessed on any device, from anywhere in the world.


Maintaining regular contact with customer, will let them know that you are available to offer assistance. Our dedicated CRM does the same for you by retaining contact information in the system even after the purchase has been done. CRM can periodically send out simple, friendly, non-intrusive emails. These can be as simple as home purchase anniversary reminders or yearly holiday wishes. This is important in pursuing last long fruitfull bond between agent and client.


Setting up CRM tool to automatically fill out forms, file important documents, and retrieve valuable data when it is needed can give both you and your customers the breathing room to be able to focus on bigger concerns. Additionally, automation makes maintaining client relationships much simpler. The CRM can be directed to keep track of important dates, send out reminders, and even contact your clients directly, when necessary.


Whether you’re setting up a landing page to collect leads in exchange for your custom market reports, linking your listing postcards to online lead generation, or sending a monthly email newsletter to everyone in your database, CRM’s ability to drive your digital and offline marketing campaigns, and to make your marketing campaigns more trackable, makes it an important success tool for the modern agent.


CRM reporting tools offer complete and effective reporting solutions out of the box. Zoxima Superior Real Estate CRM reporting brings all of the benefits of advanced customer relationship management to your reporting processes, and does so in a way that is easy to adopt, simple to execute, and potentially extremely profitable for your organization. CRM is designed to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your work in real time. By analyzing and documenting your processes, you’ll be able to more quickly abandon courses that aren’t paying off, and focus instead on methods that are.

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