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Performance benchmarking in Salesforce

Measure the performance of your company’s Sales & Service teams, channel partners, products, services, processes, operations and teams using Salesforce.

Measure key business metrics and practices and compare them—within business areas—to understand how and where the organization needs to change in order to improve performance and Gain competitive edge that allows your organization to adapt, grow, and thrive through change.

We at Zoxima solutions have built multiple KPIs dashboards for performance monitoring using Salesforce technologies that help measure business performance using actionable data insights and can easily be integrated with existing systems.

Key performance benchmarking areas:

– Setup minimum benchmarks on performance of Sales teams, Service teams, influencers, call center agents, channel partners, training and measure /track for optimal performance
– Setup specific tasks and activities to achieve minimum threshold
– Gather and compare quantitative data (i.e., measures or key performance indicators)
– Gather and compare qualitative information about how an activity is conducted through people, processes, and technology
– Internal benchmarking compare metrics (performance benchmarking) and/or practices (practice benchmarking) from different units, product lines, departments, programs, geographies, etc., within the organization
– Predictive analytics using AI, ML, Tableau
– Salesforce Einstein supported Analytics reports

As a proud Salesforce consulting partner, we have built KPIs dashboards for performance benchmarking for businesses across different industry verticals. This works in tandem with our own (or third-party) sales & distribution automation solutions like DMS, SFA, B2B commerce, retailer & partner ordering apps.

We serve multiple industries including manufacturing, building materials, FMCG, media and entertainment, digital companies, consumer durables, automotive, Edtech, paper, electrical and electronic.

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