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Secondary sales management in Salesforce platform

Sell smarter and faster using secondary sales management in the Salesforce platform
Robust and comprehensive secondary sales management plays a key role in organizations
selling through a distribution network. The need is always to empower the field salesforce
(directly of company or of the channel partners) and enable them with abilities to book
order, collect payments, manage supplies, keep track of the product visibility and also many
times engage with the consumers directly.

Other key aspect is also running the trade promotions of the secondary and tertiary parties and
manage compensation and loyalty for them.

We at Zoxima bring immense expertise in secondary sales management in Salesforce platform
which not only empowers the sales team bit also comprehensive apps for the channel partners
to effectively contribute to the distribution supply chain.

Benefits of our solutions for managing secondary sales
 Sell smarter and faster
 Simplify ,streamline, optimize and monitor your secondary sales processes
 Distributor and Retailer 360 view
 Faster order Processing, Stock Management ,Order Tracking
 Stock visibility across channel
 Real time Reports and analytics for sales visibility
 Sales Forecast & Analysis
 Monitor payment collection information
 Tracking top and least selling outlets
 Faster replenishment and tracking supplies on the real tine basis
 Managing product visibility and promotions across the retail channels
 Awards and rewards for the sales and channel partners

As a proud Salesforce platinum consulting partner, we bring to you a great experience to implement
secondary sales management in Salesforce applications for businesses across different industry
verticals. This works in tandem with our own (or third-party) sales & distribution automation solutions
like DMS, SFA, B2B commerce, retailer & partner ordering apps.

To know more visit:   www.zoxima.com

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