Today it’s hard to imagine an industry with tougher competition than hospitality. Both small family-owned hotels and big-name international resorts chains compete with each other for customers. And as for the customers, their needs evolve, and they are no longer satisfied with just clean rooms, free Wi-Fi and smiling front desk agents. They expect a highly personalized service when hotels foresee their needs and whims and know their likes and dislikes. That’s why quality customer relationships are an invaluable tool in the arsenal of hospitality businesses. 

And here is when CRM (customer relationship management) software comes into play, significantly facilitating customer interactions. Salesforce is a leading CRM software provider, and numerous hospitality businesses took advantages of the solution. There are a number of reasons why they chose Salesforce as their CRM provider.

Travel Management Software Features

  • Key features of Travel Management Software are
  • Streamline any business by online booking system
  • Inventory Control mechanism
  • Facilitate inventory database system
  • User friendly
  • Customize graphical reports
  • Multi-user, Multi-access control system
  • Process driven software to standardize company operations
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Integrates with any third party platform (if required)
  • Search engine optimized provision
  • Required minimum training / support
  • Provide complete package under one platform

Salesforce allows hospitality professionals to address their marketing, sales and customer support needs through Marketing, Service and Sales Cloud. Thanks to these clouds’ capabilities, hotels and other hospitality businesses can automate numerous routine tasks, streamline their marketing campaigns, as well as track and analyze the campaigns’ results more efficiently.

And if they get a consistent great customer experience time and time again, they may turn into loyal brand ambassadors, not just bringing profit to the hospitality brand but also new customers by spreading the word about it. Besides, satisfied customers mean great reviews on major booking and travel website, which is a vital part of building a great reputation of the brand.

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