Salesforce CRM

Zoxima has a successful track record of serving number of large and mid-size organizations to utilize best Salesforce potential for their Sales, Services & Marketing functions.

Artificial Intelligence

We at Zoxima believe and deliver most innovative AI based customer related solutions in the most simplistic manner delivered in the best optimal timeframe.

Digital Transformation

Changing buying patterns & raised customer expectations have forced companies to think and transform their organizations with innovative technology adoption & customer aligned practices.

Business Consulting

Zoxima has time and again delivered the best business value to its customers through innovation around Industry based KPIs and rich consulting background .

Social Marketing

We have a tremendous impact on the organization’s reputation and popularity through an impeccable Social Media Marketing strategy that makes you seen everywhere.

Mobility Solutions

We develop business applications on various platforms of Android, IOS and Windows to enhance Field force productivity and enablement.

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Zoxima Technology Solutions

Zoxima focuses on Customer-side of the business and innovates around technology enablers and business drivers to ensure Clients are aligned to offer best Customer experience, Run most innovative Marketing initiatives, Do targeted sales with highest level of productivity and be ahead of the curve on technology adoption.

Today, with over 100+ professionals on Salesforce, AI & business consulting we boast to be a leader on customer innovation and delivery partner on Salesforce solutions .

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Sales Productivity

Mobile enabled activity based CRM with complete visibility into customer. Bucket your leads & opportunities into various categories and set the reminders and action alerts. Prepare Quotes, Orders and Measure sales funnel against the Goals.

Channel Sales

Drive the Channel sales through innovative B2B commerce solutions with Online ordering, Order tracking & Stock visibility through self service. Set the KPIs for engagement at Retailers/Dealers and Customers/Influencers for the sales team and measure the impact on the business.

Influencer Marketing

Manage Relations with Architects, Contractors and industry Experts who act as key influencers with the customer for decision making. Drive the market than being transactional through omni-channel sales, BD and marketing plans.

Customer Experience

We help mange Customer Experience throughout the journey with direct or indirect touch with the customer through Digital, Social, In-person, Call Center or Channel engagement. Get the VOC measured against the Set KPIs for various teams.

Partners & Clients;Friends

Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction!

We are in the mission of ‘Helping Clients Succeed through Innovative Business Solutions’. We provide Business Technology Solutions and IT Services to the Leading Companies as a strategy to transform their businesses.

Our mission is an example of radical honesty for the clients during and after the entire project duration.

*Customers we work with in Collaboration with our Group*



What Our Clients Say

Technology Experts

Zoxima maintains its high position not only for its innovation and technology but also for serving customer in the best way possible. We provide the best service in the market at the lowest price possible. Services are available for the customers according to their budget.

Customer Centric

At Zoxima we consider customers as our partners. We aim at meeting their requirements and expectations. Our team has customer-focused approach; sound work ethics and sincerity which has helped build and maintain a strong bond with our customers.

24X7 Support

Live Chat with our technical support team 24X7. Get connected now. Zoxima is equipped with quickest man-power mobilization. We specialize in project-oriented approach and up-to-date infrastructure grouped with committed expect software engineers to deliver the best.

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