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Enabling faster collaboration & enhanced productivity across distribution channel

Why Digital transformations

In this digital revolution era, Building Material Manufacturers have to upgrade their processes & capabilities and need to adapt to digital innovations in their trade and non-trade businesses. The need is to continuously innovate and digitally transform the customer-facing applications & processes and stay ahead of the competition in managing customers, trade partners (distributors/dealers/retailers) and influencers.

What Zoxima offers

"We at Zoxima offer Robust, Innovative Digital Solutions covering each segment of the Building Material Industry

Accelerating sales, building a strong collaboration with channel partners and innovating the influencer engagement to redefine the customer experience."

Revolutionize your business

- Managing collaboration across channels ,
- Inventory visibility across channel ,
- KPIs visibility and tracking across value chain ,
- Influencer engagement ,loyalty management,
- Enhance Sales & Channels effectively ,
- Greater Market Visibility ,
- More Competition Information ,
- Motivating & Incentivizing Channel Sales Teams

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Solutions for a Digitally Connected Ecosystem

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Key benefits


Managing collaboration across distribution channels


Inventory visibility across channel


KPIs visibility and tracking across value chain


Better influencer engagement and loyalty management


Optimizing sales and marketing


Enhance Sales & Channels effectively


Greater Market Visibility


Motivating & Incentivizing Channel Sales Teams


More Competition Information


Mobile App for Field Sales
  • New dealer/retailer on boarding
  • Daily targets
  • KPI visibility
  • Visits planning & execution
  • Primary & secondary order booking
  • Real time access to products, pricing & schemes
Primary/Secondary Sales & Order Management
  • Multi channel online order booking ( sales apps, dealer apps, portals etc)
  • Tech supported interventions to up sell & cross sell
  • Retailer order capture & processing
  • Catalogue management ,ordering & tracking of primary & secondary orders
  • Automated & prefilled order forms for faster processing
  • Whatsapp/SMS integrations for approvals & alerts
Customers 360
  • 360 view of dealers/retailers across all touch points in single screen contact / orders/ invoices/ collections/ payments etc)
  • Dealers/ Retailers associated influencers/ loyalty/ schemes/ competition
Enquiry Management
  • Dealer/Retailer/Influencer leads
  • Dealer & Influencer collaboration for lead progression
ERP Integration
  • Easy integration with existing ERP for needs
  • Real time , Batch Process
  • Push/Pull orders, Invoices, inventory, credit notes etc
KPIs & Dashboard
  • Target vs Achievement
  • Region/Product wise performance
  • Dealer performance dashboard
  • Number of new counters added
  • Dealer/Retailer order trends
  • Financial statements
  • Credit analytics
  • Return analytics
  • Service quality analytics
Influencer Engagement
  • Influencer engagement
  • Influencer engagement
  • Influencer associated schemes & rewards system
  • Capacity building/training
  • Digital engagements
Schemes / Pricing / Loyalty Programs
  • User configurable schemes for dealers & retailers
  • Configurable pricing mechanism (product / region/ dealer etc
  • Parameterized & auto applicable schemes (value/volume/ others)
  • Automated loyalty programs for dealers & retailers
Retailers Management
  • Workflows to automate retailer on-boarding
  • Simplified retailer order booking
  • Competitor activity tracking (stock, brand visibility, price,
    schemes, etc.)
Billing & Collections
  • Online/ Offline dealer payments
  • Issuance of secondary invoices
Visits Management with Geo tagging
  • Automated & manual Check-in & check-out
  • Auto distance calculator
  • Auto expense generation as per company policy
  • Planned and unplanned visits
  • Beat/Visits planning & execution
Inventory Management
  • Real time inventory visibility to stakeholders (company,dealers ,sales user)
  • Dealers stock capture and update
  • Retailers inventory monitoring
Market Intelligence
  • Capture market intelligence
  • Track competitors activityn
Case Management
  • Customer specific workflow management for issue handling & resolution
  • TAT management & feedback
Brand Visibility
  • Brand visibility monitoring ( competitors/own)
  • Real time request for marketing material like poster , dangler
Single source of truth with ease of use
  • ERP integration
  • Email integration
  • SMS integration
  • WhatsApp integration
  • CTI integration
  • Marketing tool integration
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