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VAN Sales App

Van Sales Mobile App

Streamline your sales processes and accelerate your sales teams with our cutting-edge van sales app. With advanced features designed to drive efficiency and boost productivity, our app automates ordering activities, optimizes visit planning, and enhances overall field sales operations.

  • Beat/Visit planning & execution with geo-mapping
  • Order management with discounts, invoice generation, order summary, stock updation
  • Payment gateway integration: cash & credit options
  • Detailed view of the entire visit with whole order details and KPI’s

Key benefits

Improve sales productivity

Improve beat quality and order booking

KPIs visibility and tracking across value chain

Improve visits execution


Offline Apps

Reduce TCO

Enhance Sales & Channels effectively

Real time sales Analytics


Beat/Visit Planning & Execution
  • Customer mapping for Routes
  • Visit Planning – Coming day/Week
  • Planned and Unplanned visit
  • Capturing Geo-location
Return request
  • Creating material return request
  • Tracking request status visibility
  • Automatic stock updation
Payment Collection
  • Payment through online mode, cash, cheque etc
  • Payment mode basis customer credit availbility
Day Start-Stock Loading
  • Stock Planning basis Advance orders
  • Check-in demand
  • Stock loading basis van capacity and check in demand
  • SKU wise stock visibility
Day End
  • Remaining stock calculation
  • Payment collection verification
  • Stock in/out verification
  • Handing over remaining stock and collected payment
  • Detailed view of entire visit i.e.,
  • Customers catered, Order details, return details
Order Management
  • Product/Price books
  • Discounts
  • Genrate invocie/Delivery chalan
  • Credit limit visibility
  • Order summary
  • Stock updation after ordering
  • Capturing next day demand
Van to Van Transfer
  • Van to van stcok trasnfer
  • Receipt of material
  • Stock updation/adjustment basis receipt & transfer of stock
  • Order Booking
  • Payment Collection

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