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Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transform your company processes with cloud-based intelligent applications that operate together smoothly.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based solution that combines CRM and ERP features into applications, connects your entire business — from marketing and sales to operations, finance, and customer relations — in a seamless and effective way. Transform your business by offering everyone access to the data collected in real time, from the back office to your shop floor and field staff, allowing you to develop deeper interactions and make better business decisions.

Why Microsoft Dynamic 365 ?

Engage Customers

Build personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints – from consideration to purchase.

Empower Employees

Give your employees familiar tools and actionable insights so they can do their best work.

Optimize operations

Anticipate and manage business needs with more intelligent processes and predictive guidance.

Transform Products

Innovate new business models, automate processes, and shift from being reactive to proactive.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 products

Turn ideas into solutions with services to build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud, on-premise, and at the edge using the tools and frameworks of your choice.


Providing insight to build strong relationships and increase sales performance, all while maximizing productivity.

Customer Insights

Transform all your customer data intro a comprehensive omnichannel view.

Customer service

Helps brands build advocacy & loyalty by creating effortless service experiences.

Supply chain management

Streamline your supply chain & optimize manufacturing productivity with greater visibility, centralized information, and predictive insights.

Why Zoxima for Microsoft Dynamics?

If you chose Zoxima as your implementation partner, our shared objective will be to use Dynamics 365 apps to improve the efficiency of your business operations.

We handle a variety of responsibilities with the help of our pool of skilled resources for your business success.

Get the Most from Microsoft Dynamics with Zoxima

microsoft partner

As a Managed Microsoft Partner, Zoxima can assist your sales, marketing, and customer service
processes exponentially improve by building a strong CRM system on top of three Dynamics 365 apps.