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Dynamic QR codes management in Salesforce

Dynamic QR codes management in Salesforce In this digital age with growing number of internet users where 96.6 % of device ownership belongs to smartphone users has led to the massive adoption of QR Codes. From product packaging to various other documentations. One can simply scan a QR code to pay utility bills, fuel, grocery, food, travel and several other categories. 

What this means for businesses: The use of QR code is transforming traditional business landscape by bridging the physical world gap to the digital world, thus, boosting the customers’ engagement, easy payments, marketing and services innovation and much more. 

We at Zoxima bring immense expertise in dynamic QR code management on Salesforce platform that is economical, multi-dimensional, accessible and delivering accurate information in diverse business use cases. 


– Flexible and user friendly

– QR Code for seasonal marketing campaigns

– QR Code for packaging designs, instruction manuals and guide for specific products

– QR Code for Loyalty points tracking and redemption

– New product warranty registration and status tracking

Information availability e.g. scan product information, location, time etc

– Payment conversions

As a proud Salesforce consulting partner, we bring to you a great experience to implement dynamic QR code generation, scanning and management on Salesforce platform for businesses across different industry verticals. This works in tandem with our own (or third-party) sales and distribution automation solutions like DMS, SFA, B2B commerce, retailer & partner ordering apps. 

We serve multiple industries including manufacturing, building materials, FMCG, media and entertainment, digital companies, consumer durables, automotive, Edtech, paper, electrical & electronic. Do let us know if you would like to know more about our unique strengths and we will very happy to stay connected with you. 

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